Positive Motivational Quotes 3

In life we learn from failures, we also learn from what is possible. Find a positive motivational quote here to support those thoughts. Also enjoy our tips on living a positive life.

A great way to show yourself what is possible is to
help someone else to learn to grow and do more than
they ever thought they could.
"In helping others, we shall help ourselves,
for whatever good we give out completes the circle
and comes back to us."
Flora Edwards
"Only by giving are you able to
receive more than you already have."
Jim Rohn
Lashing out at someone because of your failure
only shows that you are not able to
learn from your own mistakes.
"Mistakes are a fact of life.
It is the response to error that counts."
Nikki Giovanni

"All men make mistakes,
but only wise men learn from their mistakes."
Winston Churchill
Confusion in your direction of life means
that you have not set your sail for a particular port and
that you are allowing the variable currents of life to direct you to
whichever destination comes along.
"Confusion of goals and perfection of means seems,
in my opinion, to characterize our age."
Albert Einstein
"To reach a port, we must sail -
sail, not tie at anchor - sail, not drift."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

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